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Youth Against racism was developed by the Multicultural Association of Nova Scotia in 1996 to educate youth about racism and its impact on society, and to empower and unite youth in the struggle against it. 9 schools from across the province were involved in the first phase, training over 100 youth. The criteria for involvement was that students were aware of racism and knew that it was a problem, or had experienced it directly. As youth were to educate their peers, students with leadership ability was also encouraged.

Youth Against Racism is not a project that is set up to convince people that racism exists. The focus of this project is to teach people effective means of combating racism - in their schools and in society.
In 2001 the project started again, with another 9 schools involved from across NS. Weekend workshops were held were students received training in identifying and defining racism, how to avoid conflicts, and how to start and youth group and make presentations to their peers. Students returned to their schools and trained others.

In 2002 YAR has continued to evolve, and now partners with schools in the on-going work of coordinating conferences and workshops at the school, to directly reach more students. YAR can help with resources, networks, and support.

YAR is currently funded for activities with schools within the Halifax Regional Municipality, and invites interested schools to contact MANS. Watch for more details in the future!

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